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Github Connection new stuff

Thursday, 02 September 2021 11:21:35 by Khodok

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Update on Github Connection

What’s new

  • Nothing really.

What changed

  • On profiles, as stated in this comment, what was said that would be done in What’s next of the post was done.
  • And as a follow up, now, if you have a Github Connection and the Github account has a “blog” field (given by Github’s API), it’ll be shown, same for the Bio.
  • Remember that you could link 25 Github accounts if you wanted to (or 24510151, there’s no limit actually), and they’ll all be shown.
  • You can also toggle the visibility of the Github accounts while editing your profile.

What’s next

  • Ability to hide some Github fields (blog or bio as of now) in the settings.
  • Maybe add a Github related settings page (to change only fields linked to it).

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