Little fix... took hours

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Little fix... took hours

Sunday, 29 November 2020 18:39:50 by Khodok

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Small update on comments

What’s new ?

  • ngl now has a tooltip if tooltip thing is called on a post… happy X ?

What changed ?

  • Add Comment page now has a context and a title
  • The Add Comment page now goes to post/id-of-the-post/comment/ instead of post/slug-of-the-post/comment/, if I find a way I’ll change that in the future, for now… good enough, deal with it :,D

Friction Log

Had to make it a CBV, (don’t mind what it is), but I didn’t know how to link the comment to the post I was adding the comment at, but now I understood it was the id in the url that was given that linked it… took me hours to figure that out.

Lazy to explain more… want to watch Star Wars now


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