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Post Series Update

Tuesday, 30 March 2021 09:52:56 by Khodok

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Post Series

A Series is a list of Posts that are meant to be read in a certain order, it’s kinda the same as a Category, except a Category doesn’t have a specific order, and a Post can have 20 Categories if it’s needed, while it can only be in one series, if it has to be in more than 1 series, that means a Category is what’s needed instead.

So what’s new ?

  • Well Post Series !
    I wanted to add them since the 105th Post (that I just made public because it was Withdrawn for some reason), I never did because when I tried to do it I was making my life hell while it was easy af… so I never managed to do it 😂

What changed

  • Post details now show their list at the top if they have one. (Example just above btw)

What’s next

  • Well maybe add other cool stuff to series Idrk.
  • Put all posts that I wanted to put in series before in one now 😄

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