Previous and Next buttons finally working properly …

Bug Fixes

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Previous and Next buttons finally working properly :D

Sunday, 12 September 2021 19:30:50 by Khodok

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Well these two have been broken for some time now…

What changed

  • Finally made Previous / Next Buttons work properly on post details, they were first implemented the 22nd July 2020, and talked about in this post.
    • Since I added them they always had one big issue: they’d allow users to get redirected to posts that were supposed to be hidden, and more recently depending why the post was hidden it’d even break their purpose entirely.

So for once it wasn’t necessarily an easy fix that any random noob could have found by himself, since it actually uses a very logical but not particularly obvious trick to work. Saying this because I have struggled on very dumb problems before 😂.

Anyway, now it’s working 😄 and I’m happy about it.


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