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Projects Update

Tuesday, 17 November 2020 14:30:00 by Khodok

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What’s new ?

The menu at the top now has a Portfolio url, going to the Projects I have, it’s pretty empty but I’ll add some when some need to be added

What changed ?

The page now takes more place in width ! for the whole website !

Why this change ?

Two reasons:
1. Laziness of having to make a crap ton of small changes to have the old design for the blog and this one for the Portfolio, it wouldn’t have been hard, just really tiring and long, and I kinda prefer it tbh
2. The Portfolio needed the extra space, and having a jump between different apps seamed weird and I didn’t like it, also I kinda want to modify some stuff for the Blog too so this will help me do it

You may or not believe me, the 2nd reason is the actual one 😂


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