Setup Extraterm Tutorial


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Setup Extraterm Tutorial

Monday, 26 April 2021 15:07:40 by Khodok

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Installation Find what you need the point of this tutorial is for after the installation.

Install WSL, bash, etc just follow this tutorial, you don’t need the WSL 2 if you don’t want it.

Make the use of both

Create a new bash session type in Extraterm
Open a bash session
Execute sudo nano /bin/ and add . "/mnt/c/Program Files/Extraterm/resources/app/extraterm/src/commands/" in it.

You can then execute “.” anywhere and it’ll start the extraterm bash things.

Adding an alias

You could add an alias for the first big command but I prefer it that way.

execute nano ~/.bash_aliases.
Add alias ec="." in it.
and then execute source ~/.bashrc.


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