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What's left to do (for now)

Friday, 17 April 2020 16:37:00 by Khodok

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  • Forms not designed correctly (buttons, white backgrounds, etc)
  • Tweaks here and there to make everything a little better
  • Markdown showing not properly (this list has white lines between each elements for example, and that’s ugly)


  • Make a Profile page where users can change their nicknames, passwords, email, profile pictures, etc
  • When logged, if adding a comment, not asking for the name and take the one of the user
  • Add other ways to make accounts (Facebook, GitHub, Twitter, Other stuff)
  • add a push notifications when new stuff are added on the website
  • Get the VCS accessible on the website


  • Make that everything is a page and be able to visit everything (even the blog) as a page
  • Add all the pages missing from Khodok’s Website


  • Add more Markdown plugins, to also have LaTeX for example, or ABC or even Mermaid working, as well as presets like GFM and CommonMark
  • Rework the CSS because there’s a lot of useless stuff in the rules
  • Remove w3.css and only use my own CSS (still keeping the same design tho)
  • Use more JS to make cool stuff

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